Stand Up Paddle in Famara

Stand Up Paddle in Famara

The sport of Stand Up Paddle boarding or (SUP) is growing rapidly all over the world. It entails using a long and high volume surf board that has enough buoyancy and stability to allow the user to stand on the board even when stationary. To move around you use a paddle.

These high volume surf type boards get going very early and on even the weakest of waves. They boards go well on anything from small beach break type surf to large reef waves. Lanzarote is an ideal place to learn this fun and accessible sport. There are lagoons and calm water areas to grasp the basic then loads of great surfing waves to have a blast.

Stand up paddle board hire in Famara

Stand up paddle course – 3 hours with all equipment costs 50 euros

Stand up paddle board hire – 20 euros for 3 hours

We recommend the introduction paddle boards course before going out alone