Kitesurfing in Lanzarote

Kitesurfing in Lanzarote

Kitesurfing toe side on Famara beach

Kitesurfing in Lanzarote

The kitesurfing in Lanzarote is good all year round becoming more consistent in summer. Conditions are seen as very good because of the warm year round weather and sea temperature, the waves, dependable wind and amazing landscape, plus the fact its only a four hour flight from anywhere in Europe.

Kitesurfing is one of the most accessible water sports. Easier to learn than windsurfing and surfing. Easier to transport equipment than most other water sports and massively exhilarating.

When the wind starts to blow you set off to the beach. Arriving you see a few other people are already out. Within fifteen minutes you have your kite pumped up, wetsuit and harness on, string attached and are ready to go. You can get someone to help or self launch your kite. Feel the power of the wind as you pull on the bar. Walk out into the sea, sit back, put you feet in the board straps, swoop the kite into the power zone, feel the surge of power and whoosh…. you’re away, Kitesurfing in Famara. All of a sudden you are harnessing the power of the wind. Using it to pull you across the sea. You see a wave coming and accelerate to top speed, switch kite direction and fly into the air. Make a perfect landing then keep heading out to sea. On the way back you catch a wave and surf it all the way back to the beach. Now its time to gouge a massive shore side carve and head back out again with ease, grace and style in total control of yourself and the elements around you.

In summer trade winds start bringing warm winds to Lanzarote. This is the best time of year if you want to kitesurf. The most popular place on Lanzarote is Famara beach. Steady winds of around 18 knots blow most days along the 5 kilometers of golden sand. The ideal kite size is around 10 metres. Lots of people every year come to Lanzarote to take kitesurfing lessons in Famara where the conditions allow rapid improvement.

Learning to Kitesurf in Lanzarote

If you want to learn to Kitesurf then Lanzarote is a great choice. The warm weather and reliable trade winds mean you will get plenty of opportunities to practice. Most enthusiasts visiting Lanzarote take their Kitesurfing courses in Famara. The Famara beach is ideal for learning the sport. There is lots of space and beautiful surroundings all in close proximity to the town of Famara where you will probably be staying.

Kitesurfing Lessons in Lanzarote and Famara

Lanzarote has very consistent summer winds that allow most days to be Kitesurfing days. Consistent conditions bring many opportunities for you to have lessons in this appealing sport.

Kite surf lessons and courses  in Famara can be tailored to suit your level and needs. We supply all the equipment plus an experienced and qualified instructor.

A 1 day three hour lesson costs 90 euros. A three day nine hour course costs 255 euros. The selection of courses goes right up to seven days and fifty one  hours costing  550 euros.

There are also private kite surf courses customised exactly to you and your needs. You have your very own IKO instructor fully focused on you. Whatever your level from beginner to advanced we can help you to improve. Famara not only has great kite surfing but also kiting in waves. This can be new for many and very rewarding. Whatever level and whatever needs we can help with our experienced and qualified instructors.

Finding rental accommodation in Famara

Famara is a small town with a limited amount of accommodation. We advise you to find your an apartment to rent in Famara early. We are happy to assist you in this process just contact us and we will help. Getting yourself some Kitesurfing accommodation in Famara is the best way to go. The town of Famara is right on Famara beach plus you will be in the perfect place to hang out and meet other surfers and kitesurfers. When deciding on the type of accommodation you want to stay in there are two main areas; the town of Famara or the Famara bungalows. If you are looking for an apartment to rent in Famara then you will need to stay in the town. The apartments are one, two or three bedrooms and can sleep up to six people depending on availability.

Your other choice is to rent a  Famara bungalow. The bungalows are very popular due to their unique designs and amazing views. The bungalows are about one kilometer from the village and more centrally located behind the beach. They are built on a slight incline allowing each bungalow to have a sea and sunset view.

Where to Kitesurf in Lanzarote

Varying wind directions and strengths favor different kiting beaches in Lanzarote.
The most kited locations are Famara beach, Playa Honda, Arrieta, Matagorda,  Jameos del Agua and Costa Teguise. There are many other locations where it is all possible to kite surf.

Kiting locations in detail 

1 – Famara beach – This is by far the most popular place to kite in Lanzarote. Ideal wind direction is in the North. Big long curved beach with dramatic 650 metre cliff back drop. Best at low tide.

2 – Playa Honda – When winds go around into the east this is probably the best option. Good long beach with plenty of space. Flat water conditions. Probably best at high tide as more rocks show at lower tides.

3 – Costa Teguise, Los Charcos – This would be only for more advanced kite surfers as conditions close to shore are very gusty. High to mid tide as very little water at low tide. Start at beach then head out of breaker wall for cleaner wind. Hazardous if kite goes into sea and is not recoverable. Limited rescue service. Often wind here when other places without.

4 – Arrieta beach – Needs wind in the east. Nice beach with most people in northern tip.

5 – Matagorda beach – This is to the north of Puerto del Carmen. Thermic wind that works around midday. If east in the wind can have good winds when very low elsewhere.

6 – Jameos del Agua – Good wave riding spot. No beach so entry over reef with urchin hazards

Most visiting kite surfer to Lanzarote rent accommodation in Famara and set up base there. This is where most kite surfing will take place and is the preferred spot. If on a budget you can avoid the hire car and walk from your apartment or villa to the beach. Hire car is preferable to access other spots and get to the safer end of beach.

Enduro tours in Lanzarote with guide 

If flying conditions are not good then try a guided Enduro tour around Lanzarote. For 150 euros you can have a three hour Enduro ride. Price includes the motorbike, a wr450f, all the equipment and your guide. Just visit the website to organise your tour.

Wing Foiling in Lanzarote

Wing foiling is one of the fastest growing water sports. Is combines a hydrofoil, handheld wing and a board. Using the power of the wind to pull you along and up onto the hydrofoil. Once up on the hydrofoil drag is drastically reduced and speed increases. The efficiency of the hydrofoil allows you to navigate in very low winds, surf waves and even large ocean swell. Lanzarote with its warm weather, wind and beaches is a great location to practice.

Other things to do on the island

When the wind is not blowing there is still loads to do on Lanzarote. Check out this Lanzarote Guide site and see what suits you. There are loads of exciting sports, places to visit, excursions and more. This island is very diverse and well worth exploring. There are even things to do the rival the fun of kitesurfing.