Kitesurfing in Famara

Kitesurfing in Famara

Kitesurfer getting air on Famara beach


Overview to kitesurfing on Famara beach

Famara is the home of kitesurfing in Lanzarote. This is the place everyone comes to kite. The huge cliffs of ‘los ricos’ 650 meter height looms dramatically over the 5 kilometer sandy beach.

Famara beach has the most consistent winds for kite surfing on the island. The ideal wind direction is from the North. Best tide is low to mid, although the beach can be easily kited at any tide. The average wind strength on the beach is around 18 knots. The most used kite sizes are 10m2, or a little smaller if kiting with a surfboard.

Famara beach picks up most Atlantic swells. In summer the waves are a lot smaller but still fun. Both twin tip and surf board kiters enjoy what the beach has to offer.

Where to stay in Famara

Located at the south western end of the beach is the town of Famara where most people stay. Holiday accommodation in Famara is both well priced and perfectly situated within walking distance of the golden sandy beach. Contact us for more details and prices on apartments for rent in Famara.

Where to kitesurf on Famara beach

The allocated kiting zone on the beach is from around the middle of the beach to the northern end this area is accessible via a drivable track. To get to the official kiting area you take the road that goes up the right hand side of the Famara bungalows. Follow this road all the way to the top then turn left on to the track. Continue on until it dips down and angles right parallel with the beach. Keep going to at least half way along the beach, this is about where the kite area begins. You will probably see kite surfers there already.

You can stop and park anywhere to the left of the track as it goes along the beach. There will be different beach conditions as you continue North along the beach. Some area will have small inlet type lagoon with perfect still water. Waves will break better or bigger at certain points. Normally waves are larger around the middle of the entire beach’s length. There is loads of space so find you own favorite spot and have fun.

Wave kitesurfing in Famara

Kitesurfer wave riding in Famara


The beach of Famara can pick up swell when mid atlantic low pressures systems are in effect. These far off storms create beautiful surfable waves on the beach. Combine the waves with some wind and you have perfect kitesurf wave riding conditions. The largest waves will be found towards the middle of the beach. For those that do not want waves then just continue driving a few more minutes to the Northern end of the beach which picks up far smaller waves.

Experienced wave riders can find ideal conditions with long walls and, at times, very good sized waves. Winter time is when the bigger waves hit with sizes large enough to challenge anyone.