Kitesurfing lessons in Famara

Kitesurfing lessons in Famara

Kitesurf lesson underway on Famara beach


Kitesurfing is an amazing and easy to learn sport. Starting it on the right track is very important for your own speed of learning and also the safety of yourself and other beach users.

Famara is the ideal place to learn. We can provide the kite, board, wetsuit, all other equipment and expert instructors. All you have to bring is yourself and we will take care of the rest. We will pick you up from your accommodation and bring you to Famara beach. You can come to us as a complete beginner and we will introduce you to the sport we love. Experienced kitesurfers are also welcome and anywhere in between.

Allow us to show you our wonderful town and beach of Famara and show you how to be pulled across the ocean by the natural and free power of the wind.

We have a Kitesurf course to suit all experience and skill levels:

Taster day kitesurf course.

Three hours. Cost 90 euros

Take a  half day to get an understanding of the sport and if this is something you would like to pursue. Try controlling a kite and get a feel for the sport.
Learn how all the equipment goes together and how kiting works.

Taster course includes
• Minimum of two hours
• All equipment and accessories
• Insurance
• Accommodation pick up and return for 30 euros per person.

Taster course cost 90 euros

Starter kitesurf course:

Two three hour days. Price 180 euros.

This is how you start kite surfing. No experience needed. We have everything you need to get you up and riding.
You will start from the ground up with a strong foundation. We go through all aspects of kitesurfing from how all the kit works and goes together, safety issues, kite theory, quick releases, care of kite.
Theory will cover how to get up and riding, wind power, up wind techniques, rescue and every other aspect.
Our well thought out and ordered course will start progressively  and take you step by step from absolute beginner to level of competence and understanding of this fantastic sport.

Starter course includes:
• Three hours per day
• All equipment supplied by school
• Transport to and from Famara beach

Improver kitesurfer course:

Four or five days three hours a day.
Price for four day course – 330 euros.
Price for five day course – 400 euros.

Now its time to become an independent kitesurfer with your own kit and enough confidence to go kiting on your own. You will get an in depth knowledge of how all the safety systems function and engagement. When and how to use the safety systems. What weather conditions are safe to go kitesufing in. How to spot dangerous conditions.

You will be proficient in the theory. How to go out and back, across wind. How to tack and even go up wind. Launching the kite and getting it back down after your session. Our instructors will be on hand to answer all your questions. By the end of the course you will have a full understanding of kitesurfing.

Improver course includes:

• Three hours per day
• All equipment
• Transport from kite school to beach
• Groups will be kept small for personal attention
• Pick up from your accommodation anywhere on Lanzarote for extra charge of 30 euros a day

Advanced course:

Three hours of learning – 90 euros
Six hours of courses – 180 euros.
Then 90 euros per extra day for as many days as you like.

You already know how to kitesurf but want to get any wrinkles ironed out and start on some more advanced maneuvers. Classes are kept small so we can concentrate on you. Our experienced instructors are permanently on hand to advise you in any areas you feel need improving. We will point out any weaknesses in your technique. By the end of the course your confidence will rise and your enjoyment of the sport increase. Getting on the right track early helps eradicate bad habits that could hinder your future improvement in the sport.

Advanced course includes:

• Three hours per day
• All equipment
• Transport from centre to beach
• Insurance
• radio assisted classes
• Optional pick up service.

Make you booking reservation via the form on the contact us page. Just fill in your requirements and we will get straight back to you with a final confirmation.